Business consulting

Nowadays, to become an element of success and reference in their own sector, companies need a specialized support to help them to make quick and informed decisions, so that they can become more flexible and faster in such a demanding economy.

Therefore, we provide the following services:

  • Tax consultant
  • Analysis and implementation of methodologies and culture in the company;
  • Support and counseling to business management and organization;
  • Counseling, development and implementation of strategies to the business sustainability, growth and internationalization;
  • Support in the creation and development of new companies and trademarks

Qualification / Complementary training

Following the Gestisuces® principles and goals, the complementary training approach aims to maximize our clients Human Resources, increasing its competitivity.

Thus, the training project is created and adjusted to each client specific case.

Firstly, there is a study of the pre-existing resources and methodology of the client’s structure, and then, after the definition of the training needs for the client’s purposes, we elaborate the training plans and choose the best trainers to teach and enrich the methodologies and the Human Resources.

Therefore, each training plan is developed and adjusted specifically to each client, putting into practice in their own work place, so we can maximize the practice training component and to identify any possible adjustments that may be needed.

The main purpose of our training methodology is that the client stops seeing it as a legal obligation they must obey, and start looking at it as a strategy and instrument to increase the competitivity and excellency of their services, while complying with the legal requirements. 


We provide several economic and management services in outsourcing.

We support the companies throughout the process of creation of their own departments (financial, HR, commercial, etc.) or, if it is better to keep the departments in outsourcing, we provide those services in a completely integration with the business structure.

Therefore, we provide the following services:

  • Business recovery and/or restructuration;
  • HR management;
  • Commercial Teams management;
  • Financial Departments management;
  • External Relations and Negotiations.


We develop studies and legally certified opinions (1)

To develop studies and certified opinions, when necessary and in every specific area for each case, we turn to specialized professionals for the necessary grounds for the required analysis.

We work to keep the excellency level we are committed to in every aspect of our services. That is why, we turn to specialized partnerships to deal with the aspects that are out of our specialization.

Therefore, we provide the following services:

  • Business plans;
  • Economic and financial certified opinions;
  • Reports;
  • Economic and financial viability studies;
  • Expertise.


(1) Legally certified, accordingly to the Lei n.º101/2015, 20 de Novembro

Projects and Applications

Gestisuces® supports and follows the clients since the development of an idea or a strategy in progress until its application to the suitable incentive programs.